Technology for saving.

Alpi is an environment-friendly company, certified ISO 14001 for environmental impact that pursues this objective in its production cycle: energy saving + water saving = economic saving.

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Alpi’s technology is renewed

A thermostatic heart with many plus and a new diverting cartridge

that ensures slight and accurate movements in the long term.

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A single lever heart with the top technology.

Soft and maximum precision in flow and temperature regulation for absolute energy saving.

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Concealed solutions

The freedom to choose between 1 and 5 ways.

A safe built-in system, which protects the mixer from debris. Thermostatic and single lever solutions to facilitate the work of installation operator and to guarantee functionality over time.

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Smart ideas for your bathroom.

Specific solutions to improve the comfort of your bathroom without the need for masonry work.

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Guide to selecting basin tap

A solution for all your needs.

Looking for the washbasin mixer that best fits your top? This section shows the range of options with a table divided into series that will take you directly to the ideal solution for your needs.

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