Research by series

The name of the style.

The largest freedom of choice among products that always offer the best answer.
To any requirement, to any question.

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Research by type

Products categories.

Looking for washbasin taps or for your shower interiors?
To make your research easy in this section you nd all the Alpi products divided by type.

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Xess collection

A style choice.

The xess collection includes series of unique design, from contemporary and minimalist style to timeless classical, to enhance the character you wish to confer to your bathroom.

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Alpi collection

A wide choice.

The use of cutting edge materials and the design of essential elements are the feature of the Alpi collection that o ers a wide choice between the series, each with unique products by their intrinsic quality and their esthetic value.

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Absolute safety and comfort.

The safety in temperature management, the comfort of a simple gesture to obtain it, consumption saving and easy installation.

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Smart ideas for your bathroom.

Specific solutions to increase the comfort of your bathroom without masonry works.

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